Helping you improve your profitability from creating a plan to keeping you accountable.

Improving profitability is a significant goal for any business owner. However - this is not an easy feat! Especially when it comes to trying to increase margins, decrease tax burdens and improve cash flow all at the same time.

At M Squared Accountants, we offer a complete business advisory service to help you improve your profitability sustainably. We work with you to set your goals and create a realistic plan and then follow this up with continuous accountability so that you actually do what you set out to in your plan.

Know where you want to go and how to get there.
Find out what is working and what isn’t.
Proactive help to improve your processes and systems.
Complete accountability every step of the way.
Become a master of your cash flow.
Build a profitable business that grows sustainably.
Make sound business & investment decisions.

What’s more, our services are entirely flexible to your needs! Helping you with your business and financial planning allows us to look behind the numbers and identify where improvements need to be made. Whatever you need, we then tailor our approach to help you meet your business goals and adapt accordingly as you change over time.

Preparation & Management / Financial Planning / Projections & Forecasting / New business set-up

Preparation & Management

Let us take care of your accounts for you.

Your time is too valuable to be spent preparing your management accounts and managing these over time. We do this for you so that you can focus on the high-value tasks and the things you do best.

Financial planning

Become a master of your cash flow.

Cash flow is king, yet many business owners struggle to get a handle on it. Let us help you from tax planning and budgeting to giving you sound cash flow advice. After all, only once you know where things are going wrong or right can you correct them!

Projections & Forecasting

Build a profitable and sustainable business.

Projections and forecasting are vital to improving profitability as you need to track and measure to ensure your business is growing the way you want or expect it to. Let us help you get to where you want to be - and in the quickest and strongest way possible.

New business set-up

Set yourself up for success from the start.

Want to start a new business? There’s so much to do in those early days, so let us help you through each step. From getting your business set up and registered to choosing the best tax structure and writing your business plan to secure funding, we can help you set yourself up for success from the start.

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