Giving you peace of mind that you’re fully compliant and not paying more Tax than you have to.

A tax-efficient business structure is a significant goal for any business owner. Especially when it comes to trying to increase margins, decrease tax burdens and improve cash flow all at the same time.

At M Squared Accountants, we do all the hard thinking for you. We keep you compliant while reviewing and improving your current tax structure. The result? You have more cash to invest in your company's growth, or you can expand your personal assets.

Full compliance.
Proactive help & peace of mind.
Maximise the tax deductions available to you.
Never pay more tax than you have to.
Protect yourself from unexpected costs and tax investigations.
Navigate specific and complex tax rules with care.

What’s more, our services are entirely flexible to your needs! Helping you with your taxation allows us to look behind the numbers and proactively recommend any tax planning strategies to mitigate your short and long-term tax exposure. This makes our service relevant and flexible according to your changing circumstances.

Corporate Tax / Partnership Tax / Personal Tax / VAT / Capital Allowances / Tax Fee Protection Insurance / Tax Compliance

Corporate Tax

Be free of the pressures of ever-changing regulation.

We deliver a comprehensive corporate tax compliance and advisory service to a diverse range of businesses. From reducing the compliance burden to providing valuable and practical tax planning advice, we will ensure that you thrive in an ever-changing market.

Partnership Tax

Navigate specific and complex tax rules with care.

Due to their flexibility, partnerships and LLPs are the most popular choice amongst businesses and entrepreneurs. However, their tax rules are complex. We will ensure your compliance at all times.

Personal Tax

Get proactive help in mitigating your short and long-term tax exposure.

Our Tax Return service is not just about completing the annual form. We will summarise and explain your tax liability, constantly check HMRC statements, remind you of tax becoming due, review PAYE codes, and deal directly with HMRC on your behalf.


Avoid any unexpected surprises.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and the other indirect taxes are no longer a simple matter. Our specialised team will provide you with tailored solutions and assistance, including factoring in VAT's impact on future business plans.

Capital Allowances

Maximise the tax deductions available to you.

Capital allowances are one of the most valuable reliefs in the UK tax system. We can help you take advantage of this (resulting in significant cash flow advantages for your business) by identifying qualifying capital expenditures.

Tax Fee Protection Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected costs.

An investigation resulting from a Tax or VAT Enquiry from HMRC could cost you money, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. That's why we provide you with an all-embracing Fee Protection Service giving you ultimate protection, as anyone can be chosen for an investigation.

Tax Compliance

Have complete confidence that you are paying the right amount of tax, both now and in the future.

Our Tax Return service is not just about completing the annual form and relieving you of paperwork - we deliver personal annual wrap-around care, summarising and explaining your tax liability, and dealing directly with HMRC on your behalf.

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